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The effectiveness of a commercial organization depends on the management decisions made by its employees. To make balanced and optimal decisions, a multilateral analysis of both external and internal factors, an understanding of their dependencies and correlations is necessary. Data analytics and BI platforms - serve to get answers to the questions raised.

We offer a full range of Data and BI related services so you can focus on getting answers to your business questions: from initial consultation to development of your own end-to-end data analytics solution, from data extraction and transformation processes, creation of an analytical data warehouse, model design and generation dashboard data and reports with your own indicators and, of course, a personalized technical support service.

With the help of DataPipeline.Pro specialists, you can easily implement and deploy a decision-making system at your facilities that will best suit your actual needs.

  • Projects and Support
    • Data & Analytics Projects
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • Data Architecture
    • Machine Learning & Big Data
    • Data Governance
    • Custom  Developments
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  • Consulting
    • Business process optimization
    • Data Solutions
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  • Infrastructure & Architecture
    • Design, Build & Deploy
    • TCO Optimization
    • Support
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  • Training
    • Self-paced
    • Hands-On
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Our research indicates that the quality and speed of decision making are both strongly associated with overall company performance. ...faster decision-making processes and faster execution of decisions both link to higher returns.
McKinsey&Company, 2019 (Decision making in the age of urgency)

No doubt the earlier the data is received and correctly interpreted, the greater the competitive advantage the company will have. The time between data acquisition and interpretation is processing, cleaning and transformation. Properly built architecture, data processing and visualization directly affect the speed and efficiency of the management decision-making process.

If you need an expert, reliable data consultancy, look no further than DataPipeline.Pro.